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Communal Facilities

Activity center

As a resident of the dorm, you are automatically a member of the activity center. The center is free of charge. During opening hours from 7 AM to 11 PM the center is frequently visited by your fellow residents.

The center has a larger collection of circuit machines, i.e.; rowing machine, several fitness bicycles, spinning bicycle, stair machine and cross-trainers. In addition, the center has all the machines needed for strength training of all major muscle groups, a large area with free weight and a brand new climbing (boulder) room.

The major center area displays a large floor space and full wall mirrors all to be used in group training sessions. The scheduled sessions, which are open to all residents, are so far sessions in modern dance, crossfit training and boxing training.



Billiard and Table Tennis

Billiard and table tennis tables are located in the basement.

The Café – “Cafeen”

The café is a place where you can come down and meet other residents in a cozy atmosphere. On Thursdays from 10 PM  to 2 AM  drinks are served and the music is taking you to higher grounds. Prices in the bar are student friendly. Once a month the café extends it's opening hours until 4 AM.


The workroom is located in the basement and is intended as an offer to residents, who need more space in order to express themselves creatively. The workroom is among other things equipped with a turntable, easels and good table space. Proposals for new initiatives are always welcome. The use of the workroom requires a membership. Contact the club's treasurer or president. (See noticeboard outside the office.)

Photocopying machine and network printer

The dorm has two photo copiers, one of which also works as a network printer. These are located in the room at the entrance to the café. Copy cards may be purchased at the gas station, Q8. The copy room is also equipped with bookbinding tools.

Study Rooms

The study room with reading facilities is located on the 9th floor (ml. building). The facilities inludes tables, chairs and lamps. The study room on 9th are exclusively for students requering absolute peace and quiet. On the ground floor conference rooms are available. During the exam periods the two ground floor event rooms are reserved for study purposes only.


Musica is located in the polygonal wooden buildings, located between the dorm and Jagtvej. Musica, which is Egmont's practice room for soloists and bands, has several times been reconstructed to fit the needs of the residents. In 2008 Musica was yet again improved, and are now boasting two top tuned rhythmic practice rooms, three acoustic practice rooms equipped with a grand piano each, and a small “practice box”, which can be used to practice saxophone, violin or vocals. The rhythmic practice rooms are equipped with drum kits (without basins), guitar amplifier, bass, and PA installations. In the smaller of the rhythmic practice room an upright piano is also available.


In the basement of the “middle building” you'll find the sauna, free of charge and for residents only.

Laundry room

Egmont has its own laundry room in the basement. A personal laundry card is needed in order to use the washing machines and dryers, and laundry usage will be drawn on your pre-paid laundrycard. Two drying room are located in proximity of the laundry room.